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Your Customers

Understand and segment your current and potential market

A clear picture of your current customer base not only shows you how to engage best with them but may also illuminate new market potential or new ways to offer your products and services.

Super Groups

Data is our Superpower and we can segment the UK population into four or five ‘super groups’ which most closely relate to the buyers in your market. The DDI Lifestyles Tab in the report shows you what they look like.

The M360 allows you to see your business in context.

We partner with Tableau to create an interactive and informative tool which is easy to use and helps us offer you clear guidance towards success.

This is an interactive demo based upon a fictional Care Home setting in Norfolk and it is intended to give you an idea of the scope of information that our reports can provide. These reports are entirely customisable however and can easily be adapted to your particular needs.

This report is interpreted in meaningful sections:

A. Current/Potential Residents (From their address at Enquiry)

  • Heat Map of current residents and enquiries at all stages
  • Travel Times based on current road and rush hour assessments
  • Lifestyle, affluence, interests, home ownership and many more variables

B. Your Catchment

  • Geomapping and drivetime analysis can help show an accurate and segmented outline of your actual catchment
  • The dominant Lifestyle groups of families within your catchment.

C. Your Market

  • Size: The number of 65-80 yr olds (with target lifestyles) in your catchment (or younger if you are targeting individuals with elderly parents)
  • Share: Your current share of the available market for your catchment
  • Projection: Population trends by super group categories

D. Your Competition

  • Number and Location of your Competition
  • Capacity and Provision for each

Once we’ve created your own M360 we can assess the facts and offer a full report addressing your initiating questions and detailing key information on your customers, catchment, market and competition. We can offer insights, strategy and actionable plans and even assist you with deployment if you require.

Further, much of the information that is available for the M360 can be visualised in one of our bespoke Dashboards so that you and your team can keep track of your business and orchestrate day to day planning. Our Dashboard can provide the insights, the evidence, and the confidence to make decisions knowing that your business strategy is based on facts, not assumptions.

To Use:

The demo can be enlarged using the full screen button on the bottom right of the M360, and there is a revert button to clear any choices, also on the bottom right.

To view each section, just click on the tabs at the top of the page, then drill down to find more information, it’s as easy as that.

The M360 demonstration works best on PC but the mobile option (best in landscape) will give you a taste of what is possible.

  • Position in relation to competitors
  • Strength of competition
  • Location of current market
  • Additional areas for recruitment
  • Future market changes

Our tools are exclusive but our prices are not (we think you'll be pleasantly surprised).

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