M360 Report

It’s the view from the mountain top…and you need to look before you leap!

Thinking of tackling a new market or capitalising on a trend? Maybe you’d just like to optimise your marketing efforts in your current catchment area? Before you invest your money in any of these projects, you need to do your research. Data is the key to success, unlocking insights that will help you plan your next steps.

This interactive report gives you a clear picture of your business and your market. Extensive UK-wide household data supports demographic and population based intelligence on your catchment area. We understand the families you are reaching out to, and we can find them for you. With over 800 variables on lifestyle, shopping, and interests, combined with powerful analytics and clever drivetime tools, we can point you in the right direction.

A picture is worth a thousand words (but an interactive demo is even better)

Information available to you

Market and Catchment intelligence

Location of matching customer profile households

Rush hour travel times

Lifestyle knowledge

Market size/Market share

Population Projections

Residential, Educational and Business construction

How does it work?

Demographic and Locational Data

Geomapping and Drivetime reports

More Sales
More Customers
More Time for You

Our tools are exclusive but our prices are not (we think you'll be pleasantly surprised).

Data Collection and Analysis | Customer Profiling and Marketing Strategy | Strategic Planning for your Business or Portfolio

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