Who are your customers now?

The traditional business model in the automotive industry has been forever disrupted by Covid, game changing new technologies, and a paradigm shift in consumer requirements.

Rethinking consumer needs, responding to new buying patterns and adapting supply chains for a more agile business model can’t be done in the dark. Market research and a wealth of data options are available to help mitigate risk in a changing landscape as well as explore the many emerging opportunities .

What will your customer base look like in the next ten years? And what products and services will a successful business be offering them? Our Data Insights can illuminate and quantify the changes to come, helping you to work with shifting consumer preferences and novel purchasing trends.

Market research can help you clarify:

  • Current Consumer profiling – GDPR safe , we only need postcodes

  • Affluence, interests, financial confidence and digital acuity

  • media consumption, digital and channel preferences

  • evolving consumer attitudes and emerging needs

  • Accurate catchment area assessment

  • Best neighbourhoods for focused marketing

  • Your true market size and shape

  • Your competition and new best practice in your industry

Data Research provides the facts to support good business decisions: Sales, Marketing and PR, Business Strategy and even HR will see the benefit

M360 Gives you a clear understanding of your customers and your catchment. It tells you where your potential customers live now and in the next ten years. It can illuminate your market and your market share and can also clarify your competition, their settings and offerings and their potential impact on your market share. Click here for an overview of the product.

M360 view

With The M360 Live Demo we’ve created a fictional Care Home setting in Norfolk and produced the type of interactive report you might expect to see. This type of locational and demographics based study is very relevant to any business that has a physical catchment area. This report can be infinitely adjusted to suit the specific needs of your business.

Another way we can help you gain insight on your customers and your organisation is through dedicated Research Projects such as Surveys. We have a number of typical surveys that are often requested and these can be customised to suit your needs, or we can design a bespoke report which could contain any number of elements you require.

Survey types

Our bespoke Dashboard tracks the information most important to your business. Whether it’s keeping an eye on your sales funnel or segmenting your contact preference data, we can create a solution, developed around your needs.

Your Dashboard works via an API so we don’t need to see your data. Interrogate, drill down, gain insights. Reports and infographics at the click of a button, saves you time and keeps your team on track.


Your Customers

The postcodes of your current customers illuminate your customer ‘profile’. An analysis of your catchment will then locate the households matching your target profile. We can tell you, down to postcode level, exactly where they live.

We go even further by offering insights to help you get to know them better. Engage with them on a much more personal level and target your marketing appropriately.

What if you’re a new business or don’t hold that information for your customers?

That’s fine too.

We can analyse prospective sites for maximum return and can easily create an analysis of your proposed catchment based on your ‘ideal’ customer profile.

Your Catchment

You may have a single site or a portfolio. In either case, we can work with current and historical data to help you optimise branch performance, understand trends and plan against projections.

Your current customer profiles, combined with a drivetime analysis, will allow us to accurately visualise your catchment area. We can asses historical data to illuminate changing patterns and make projections based on a number of variables including proposed residential construction, birth rates and migration trends.

Explore your catchment by affluence, age, education, or even lifestyle elements like interests and hobbies or financial and digital attitudes, whatever is most useful to you.

Over 800 variables are available to help you segment and understand your market, and even to compare behaviours within different groups.

Your Market

We can make a very accurate assessment of your target market:

  • postcodes of potential customers
  • untapped markets to explore
  • population projections and trends

How will your market evolve over time? Trends in migration, birth rates, affluence and aging offer unique insight and inform your overall business strategy.

But its not just about market and marketing. Traditional methods are being swept aside by fundamental changes around how we perceive mobility.

Data research will help clarify and quantify emerging changes in the industry and the evolution of consumer trends. New opportunities will abound for those businesses with the foresight to plan strategically.

Your Competition

The traditional model, based on brand or local competition is gone.

Emergence of strong OEM’s in electric and autonomous vehicles, global competition, new mobility providers such as Uber, and the rise of the shared vehicle concept have altered how we purchase, why we purchase, and if we purchase.

Successful businesses will be the ones most able to respond to evolving consumer requirements and to engage with them on their terms.

Likely trends will involve:

  • shifts in individual mobility behaviour and shared mobility models
  • growth in recurring revenues of aftermarket products
  • a more granular view of mobility markets typified by diverse segmentation

Data driven insights can help you to plan with confidence.

Before you make your next move, you need to have all the facts.

Our tools are exclusive but our prices are not (we think you'll be pleasantly surprised).

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