Demographic and Locational Research

Market catchment analysis will allow your organisation to market smart

We know all about everybody

We licence CACI’s Acorn data set to help you understand the lifestyles and attributes of the people who interact with your organisation. Acorn is a powerful segmentation of the UK’s population which categorises households into easily recognisable subsets which can be used to inform marketing and PR as well as strategic business planning.

We can offer information about:

  • Age, gender and health
  • Affluence and shopping habits

  • Lifestyle or life-stage characteristics

  • Financial sophistication

  • Digital engagement

  • Best advertising approach

  • Home ownership

  • GDPR-no risk-all we need are postcodes


We can tell you all about the ‘profile’ of your current customers, and analyse your catchment to highlight matching target profiles. We can tell you, down to postcode level, where the greatest concentration of matching household live.

If you are a new business, we can analyse areas of potential, enabling you to locate your new site for maximum success, or help you to adjust your marketing focus to better suit the area you are already established in.

A Wealth of Solutions

Report types

  • Heat map of customers
  • Lifestyles of families
  • Market share/Market size
  • Population projections
  • Location of key competitors
  • Residential construction
  • Business construction
  • Educational construction

What do you need to know about your customers?

  • Explore by affluence, age, education, or even habits
  • Compare behaviours within different customer groups
  • Follow their behaviour through time

How will your market evolve?

  • Understand the trends that influence your market
  • Plan ahead with your budgets and resourcing
  • Make the changes you need to stay at the top of your game

Good data can show you:

  • The true shape and size of your market
  • The postcodes of greatest potential for you to advertise in
  • Unexpected gaps in the market
  • The nature of your competition

We have over 800 variables on each UK household that we can interrogate, to learn what you need.

Our experienced team can help you determine the best research for you.

By drilling down into the data we can go even further, offering insights on:

  • Habits and interests
  • Routes and shopping
  • Even comparison studies

Seeing the ‘bigger picture’ allows you to engage with your customers on a much more personal level than ever before.

Our tools are exclusive but our prices are not (we think you'll be pleasantly surprised).

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