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We are pleased to offer you this free report that includes valuable insight on your current catchment

It’s simple and quick to find out a wealth of data about your Care Home or Care Home Group.

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A 15 minute chat with Daniel will tell him all he needs to know to begin your free report. He’ll talk with you about your business, your catchment and your particular needs. This information will form the basis of your catchment analysis, and with it, we can provide you with a huge amount of information on your care home setting.

This is a special offer for all Care Home Management subscribers to celebrate the launch of Data Driven Insights

Your free report will include

Heat Map of your current residents

Where do your residents come from?

From the last postcodes of your current residents we can give you a very accurate catchment analysis so you know where you need to be marketing.

There’s no GDPR risk here as we only need your resident’s postcodes to provide this interactive, visual tool.

Drivetime Analysis

Once we understand your catchment area we use powerful geo-mapping tools to segment your catchment into 10 minute bands so you can visualise and better understand your market.

This can be an invaluable for marketing purposes helping you to focus your time and budget in those areas most likely to yield the best results.

If you represent a Care Home Group, this report will be incredibly useful, helping you to understand the gaps and overlaps within your own portfolio.

Lifestyle Analysis of current residents

We licence the most comprehensive data set – over 800 variables on every UK household. With this information we can tell you all about your current residents.

What is your ideal customer profile? We can help you with vital insight. Age, affluence and home ownership, interests, hobbies and even how internet savvy they are, we can tell you a lot about your residents, so you can engage with them better.

All of this information about the current state of your Care Home is free with this amazing special offer…

But what happens next is where it gets really exciting.

Once we understand this information, we can analyse your catchment and locate your future residents.

We can tell you where you are most likely to find them and how best to talk with them.

This report is called the M360

Think about that for a moment and what it could mean for your business.

At the click of a mouse, you would know exactly where to deploy your marketing, and how to deploy because you understand the media channels they prefer. You would have much clearer insight on how best to engage with them.

Does that sound useful?

Of course it does, but we can go much much farther than that.

We’ve created an M360 live demo for you. It’s interactive so have a little play with it.

Based on a fictional care home setting in Norfolk with fictional numbers and catchment, it will give you an idea of what your care home report might look like.

The M360 can include:

All the information from the free report plus

Your market size and market share

Location of new matching customer profile households

Competition Analysis

Population Projections and forecasting data

Community detail like future Residential, Educational and Business construction

We can include a wide variety of information, depending on your needs

We are a full service market research company and this is only one of the many services we have to offer

Get in touch, by the method that suits you best. Our friendly experts will be on hand to support you and your team.

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