We were approached by a mens wear shop who had implemented a loyalty card, but did not know were to start with the data they had collected. They approached us looking for advice and guidance on what to do with all of this data.

We cross referenced all the purchases, categorising the customers into four key groups – tie buyers, shirt buyers, suit buyers and tailored suit buyers. We then profiled the all the customers to understand their wants, needs, and affluence. From this we were able to detail the difference between a tie buyer and a tailored suit buyer. This allowed us to identify which tie buyers would be expected to be tailored suit buyers, but whose customer lifetime value had not been realised.

On the basis of this data, we supported our client in implementing marketing campaigns designed to increase the value of their customers, such as inviting tie buyers who should be suit buyers in for free measurements and with offers for discount shirts, helping both increase both foot fall and revenue.