Would you like more customers?

Then you need to find more out about them!

Find your customers

We know where they shop and what social media they use.

By interrogating and analysing the extensive UK-wide demographic data we hold, we are able to provide the essential market catchment intelligence that will allow your organisation to focus its marketing efforts for maximum impact.

We can show you where and how to engage with them. Once we understand the ‘profile’ of your current customers, we will analyse your catchment areas and locate the households who match your target profile. We can tell you, down to postcode level, where the greatest concentration of matching households live.

Find your customers

Understand your customers

A clear picture of your current customer base not only shows you how to engage best with them but may also illuminate new market potential or new ways to offer your products and services.

Explore your catchment by affluence, age, education, or even habits, whatever is most useful to you. Over 800 variables are available to hep you segment and understand your market, and even to compare behaviours within different customer groups.

How will your market evolve over time? Trends in migration, birth rates, affluence and aging can offer unique insight and inform your overall business strategy.

Find your customers

Understand your competition

Your current customer profiles, combined with a drivetime analysis, will allow us to accurately visualise your catchment area and give an indication of the same for your competition.

We can show you where your catchments overlap, highlight strengths and weaknesses, learn what they are doing better or quicker than you, and in some cases, even why they were chosen over you. This kind of study may also highlight what you do best, so you can make sure to shout about it.

Before you make your next move, you need to have all the facts.