We were approached by a Trampoline warehouse looking to open more branches throughout the UK. Having opened one centre which was more challenging than expected, we were contacted to provide a data driven approach. We were provided with five potential locations and asked which was most likely to be successful.

We profiled the current customers at the existing locations to understand the nature of their current users. This told us they were mostly middle class families with children aged 7-16 who lived within an hour of the centre they attended. We then analysed a 60 minute catchment around each of the sites, detailing how many 7-16 year olds their were living within middle class families. From this we could rank which site had the largest market, and was therefore most likely to be successful.

On the basis of this analysis, our client opened a new site in Colchester, exceeding their business plan in its first two years and regularly operating within capacity within three years.