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Find your customers

Find your community

Would you like to find more customers? Figure out where those loyal followers are? Then you need to learn more about them, discover who they are and what matters to them.

Demographic & Locational

Demographic & Locational research

Market catchment analysis will allow your organisation to market smarter, not harder.
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Future-proof your business

Future-proof your business

Do you wonder what your community will look like in ten years time?
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To the future

We are a full-service market research agency

Data Driven Insights

Not just data

We offer interactive dashboard reporting, market and catchment analysis, geo-mapping, focus groups, mystery shopping, telephone interviewing, face to face interviewing, online surveys, ethnographic research, competitor analysis, the list goes on…

If you struggle to make heads or tails on what data is going to move your business forwards , or know you’d benefit from understanding your market better, our specialists can help you navigate through the best choices for your business.

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Data Driven Insights

Get the insights you need

Successful businesses engage with market research. It helps them identify and leverage trends, maximise opportunities in their market, and find more of their ideal customers.

Regular data analysis can help you assess your KPI’s and track your team’s progress, keep on top of your sales funnel, and ensure your business is not only right on target but one step ahead.

At DDI we specialise in providing tailored market research, based entirely around your needs. On top of this we can develop your own interactive dashboard based around the data that you, and your team, need to track.

DDI will turn the insights into key actionable data!

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