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How do we do it?

By specialising in both data analytics and market research we can offer a suite of products to suit your particular needs.

We license data sets and have access to valuable demographic and locational segmentation of the UK population, including lifestyle, behaviour, and socio-demographic information. We can tell you all about your catchment, now and in the future.

Our powerful custom-built dashboards help you visualise that information in useful ways, using geo-mapping to understand where your potential customers live.

We also create dashboards to help you capitalise on any data you own. By building in reporting over time, you can track admissions, sales funnels, or whatever data you need to visualise.

Why are we special?

Because we do both dashboards and demographics, we can give you the information you need in an interactive format that will help you create actionable strategies, measurable over time.

We also understand that not everybody is into data, that’s what we’re here for. Our team will walk you through the options and help you decide what you need to make the best decisions for your organisation.

A complete service with no hidden costs

Welcome to Data Driven Insights

We are a full-service market research agency

We offer interactive dashboard reporting, market and catchment analysis, geo-mapping, focus groups, mystery shopping, telephone interviewing, face to face interviewing, online surveys, ethnographic research, competitor analysis, the list goes on…

If you need to make sense of the data you own, or know you’d benefit from understanding your market better, our specialists can help you navigate through the best choices for your business.

Get the insights you need

We offer interactive reports to help you visualise your data in actionable form. Our tools are easy to use, intuitive and don’t require specialist training.
And we are always available to help.

Drill down, gain insight, make decisions based upon facts and not assumptions.

Successful businesses engage with market research. It helps them identify and leverage trends, maximise opportunities in their market, and to find more of their ideal customers.

Regular data analysis can help you assess your KPI’s and track your team’s progress, keep on top of your sales funnel, and ensure your business is not only right on target but one step ahead.

At DDI we specialise in providing bespoke market research based entirely around your needs. On top of this we can develop your own interactive dashboard based around the data that you, and your team, need to track.

DDI will turn the insights into key actionable data!

How can we help you?

Choose an option below that best fits your description and find out how DDI can assist you.

I represent an advertising, PR, marketing, branding agency.

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I am a local business, looking to expand my customer base.

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I am looking to start a business or expand to a new location.

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I represent a research agency, looking for a trusted partner.

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We carry out a range of surveys and primary data collection to suit your requirements.

Survey Types

  • Brand awareness/health monitors/advertising awareness or recall
  • Visitor experience and voice of the consumer/customer satisfaction
  • Segmentation studies
  • Customer Journey mapping
  • Pre and Post testing
  • Concept or product testing

  • User experience
  • Employee surveys
  • Focus group recruitment
  • Mystery shopping
  • Business to business
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Locational Analytics

Are you looking to grow your customer base? Looking to find more customers locally? Looking to expand into new areas?

We specialise in socio-demographic and economic research within specific catchment areas. We will tell you how many potential customers for your products or services live within your realistic catchment area, the current share you have, and how to win more.

We know all about everybody. Once we understand the ‘profile’ of your current customers, we will analyse your catchment areas to see where concentrations of households who match that profile live.

We will also have a look to see where you competitors are located and which areas are most highly competed over, allowing you to target your markets appropriately.

This report is called the M360.

It’s the view from the mountaintop and contains invaluable information on your business setting.

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Customer Profiling

Would you like to know more about the customers who use you? Where they live, where else they shop? Are you looking for the key marketing messages for your business?

We know all about everybody. From just a postcode, we can tell you how affluent your customers are, where else they shop, where they go on holiday and the marketing channel they are most likely to respond well to.

From this data we can work with you to build marketing campaigns focused on the families most likely to use your product and service, using messaging they will respond to in the formats they use. This will dramatically increase the ROI on your marketing.

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Data Analytics

Do you have sheets and sheets of data, but don’t know where to start?

Are you putting your loyalty card data to good use?

Do your monthly reports take days to prepare?

We specialise in helping companies like you.

We build bespoke and interactive dashboards based around the data that you and your team need on a daily basis.

Instant access to your data in a format you can understand, our tools are intuitive and easy to use with no special training necessary. Drill down and create your own insights, present your findings with reports and infographics at the click of a mouse.

Unlock the evidence to encourage good decision making.

Save time and money, be more productive, concentrate on doing what you do best.

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Consultation & Training Services

Working on a tight budget and want to do all or part of the research yourselves?

DDI Can work with you on creating a questionnaire to ensure you are gathering all the data you need.

We can give you advice on sampling methods to reduce any bias in your data or to ensure its fully representative.

If you want to use your staff to collect your data, that’s fine too. We can talk you through the pros and cons of different methods, deliver industry standard training and project briefings before you start. We’re happy to share our wealth of experience in best practice for conducting interviews.

If you have collected a large amount of verbatim comments from on online survey and need these distilled into quantifiable results, we offer a full coding process where we can add the codes to your data for inclusion in your final results.

If you have data already and need it combined and analysed then our data experts are always on hand to recommend how best this can be achieved.

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Case Studies

Take a look at some of our recent projects and how our services delivered results to our clients.

Menswear Shop

Find out how we helped a menswear firm make the most of their newly introduced loyalty card scheme.

Supermarket Car Park

Find out how we used our travel time analysis tools to map the differences between locations of work and homes for a local supermarket.

Know you need to carry out research but don’t know where to start?

Call us for a friendly chat, we love to talk research.

Whether you have a specific brief or are a potential research user that needs some help/guidance or advice then get in touch and let us help you on your exciting new journey into data, insight and the human psyche.

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